Rare & gourmet teas
scented tea: lychee red black 4.00

elegant, sweet and soft - aroma of lychee fruit 

scented tea: bora bora mango 4.00

fruity and tropical - hints of Bora Bora Mango Roobois

scented tea: jasmine flower 4.00

light and flowery - scented with fresh jasmine flower

white tea: pai mu tan 4.00

rare and refreshing - light and thirst quenching 

green tea: mountain dragon green 4.00

full flavored green tea with light bakey notes, grass and subtle eucalyptus notes

Rare & gourmet teas
oolong tea: se chung oolong 4.00

exotic and zesty - perfect with spicy food

roobois: ginger bounce 4.00

bright and clean - notes of ginger and spice

black tea: keemun panda 4.00

lively and clean, with or without milk

aged puerh tea: young pu-her 4.00

mellow and cleansing - perfect with hearty and rich food

Flowering teas
dragon 4 flowers 4.50

dragon well green tea, hand-tied with amaranth, jasmine, chrysanthemum and lavender blossoms

lovers 3 flower 4.50

dragon well green tea with floral notes of lavender and jasmine, tied with amaranth, jasmine and osmanthus blossoms

3 flower burst 4.50

dragon well green tea with flavor notes of peach and lily, tied with osmanthus, jasmine and lily blossoms

Herbal infusions
chamomile lemongrass 4.00

honey and subtle tones of apple, lemongrass with light touches of bitter lemon and even lighter notes of orange

lemon verbena 4.00

pure lemon verbena leaf tea, the perfect aid to digestion

pear and elderflower collins 12.00

nashi pear muddled with gin, fresh lemon juice and elderflower liqueur, topped with a dash of soda

longan sake mojito 12.00

flavor-packed mojito with exotic fruits, sake, fresh longans, rum, fresh limes and mint leaves

lemoncurd, pineapple & lemon 11.00

Tuaca, butterscotch scnapps, lemon curd, pineapple juice and fresh lemon juice

tequila and date old fashioned 12.00

a twist on a classic - made with tequila, dates and a touch or orange

hibiscus sprtiz 12.00

a beautiful cocktail served with a whle hibiscus flower set in an ice block, prosecco and elderflower liqueur partnered with black currant and home-made hibiscus syrup

lemongrass and lime 12.00

vodka, lychee sake shaken with fresh lemongrass, lime and lychee juice 

chinese mule 12.00

sharp and refreshing - vodka and sake shaken with fresh ginger, coriander and limes, topped with ginger beer

ping pong bubble 11.00

so good we put our name on it - shochu, white wine and vermouth shaken with tapioca pearls

earl grey julep 12.00

strong and sharp - earl grey tea infused bourbon, shaken vigorously with mint and sugar

yuzu and ginger sour 12.00

spicy and sour - rye and fresh ginger syrup with yuzu juice and a plum wine float

ginger and limoncello caipirinha 10.00

traditional brazilian drink gets an extra dose of sharp flavors - cachaça, limoncello, fresh ginger, limes and a chambord float

rosemary dry martini 11.00

rosemary infused vodka and dry vermouth stirred and garnished with fresh rosemary and pomegranate seeds

lucky baijou and longan martini 12.00

traditional chinese baijou spirit, vodka, lychee and elderflower liqueur shaken with lemon, rose petal syrup and longan juice

lychee and roses martini 11.00

sharp and perfumed - gin and lychee sake shaken with rose petal syrup, fresh lime and lychee juice

tommy's lavender margarita 12.00

floral margarita - tequila shaken with fresh lime juice, agave nectar and lavender syrup

vanilla chili sidecar 12.00

spicy, tart and sweet - cognac and fresh lime juice shaken with vanilla-chili sugar

White Wines glass / bottle
drylands sauvignon blanc 11.00/42.00

juicy mouth-watering flavors of passionfruit and ripe grapefruit...all followed by a racy, zesty finish

hidden crush chardonnay 10.00/38.00

central coast, california - crisp green apple, pineapple, and white peach

martin codax albariño 11.00/42.00

rias baixas, spain - ripe lemon nuances with fresh herbs and a perfume of apples

kung fu girl riesling 11.00/42.00

lychee, mint, semi sweet, balanced with just a touch of acid

fleur de cap sauvignon blanc 10.00/40.00

stellenbosch, south africa - guava and mango, accented with a touch of jalapeño spice

White Wines
borgo conventi pinot grigio 10.00/40.00

collio, italy - floral, with flavors of green melon and white peach

Red Wines glass / bottle
votre sante pinot noir 10.00/40.00

sonoma, california  - cinnamon and tea leaves with lively flavors of red cherries

los cardos malbec 10.00/40.00

mendoza, argentina - sweet, spicy, and intense aromas of red fruits and herbs

william hill cabernet 10.00/40.00

central coast, california - dark cherry, cassis, ripe plum, and blueberry aromas with vanilla notes

steele blue franc 11.00/42.00

washington state - warm berry pie complementing the traces of pepper, almond, cherry, and cinnamon

Sparkling Wine and Champagne
Jacquard brut mosaique nv, fr 9.99

full of seductive silky mellowness 
and a rich complexity, a real treat

Lanson Black Label, NV, fr 49.99

A deliciously creamy champagne with a refreshingly touch of citrus

stellina di notte prosecco 11.00/42.00

lemon citrus, melon and pear with honey notes...crisp and clean

martini and rossi rose 11.00/42.00

aromatic and dry with measured aromas of flower, honey and stone fruit

louis roderer "blanc de blanc," champagne, france 99.00

ripe peach, grapefruit, mineral notes, dry but soft caressing finish

sake & plum wine
geikkeikan traditional sake (warm) 15.00
geikkeikan black & gold sake (chilled) 15.00
kobai plum wine (chilled) 14.00
zipang sparkling sake 20.00
tsingtao 6.00
asahi 6.00
singha 6.00
sapporo 7.00
dc brau corruption ipa 7.00
seasonal local selection 7.00
pineapple, coconut and lime 5.00

fragrant and exotic - pineapple juice, coconut puree, and fresh lime

lemon and lychee 5.00

zesty zing mocktail - lemon wedges and vanilla sugar muddled with lychee juice

chinese virgin mule 4.50

spicy and fruity concoction - ginger, coriander, shaken with lemon and pineapple juice with a hint of clove

Iced teas
strawberry and vanilla bubble tea 4.00

strawberry puree, jasmine iced tea, orange juice and vanilla sugar shaken with tapioca pearls

lemongrass 4.00

Lemongrass muddled with jasmine iced tea

lychee and ginger 4.00

fresh ginger slices muddled and shaken with lychee juice and jasmine iced tea

Soft drinks
Still spring water (750ml) 3.09
Sparkling spring water (750ml) 3.09
Pepsi (300ml) 1.99
Diet pepsi (300ml) 1.99
Pepsi + sichuan bud (300ml) 2.29
Soft drinks
Diet pepsi + sichuan bud (300ml) 2.29
Ginger ale 1.99
Ginger beer 1.99
Tonic water 1.99
Soda water 0.99
Soft drinks
juices: lychee, cranberry, mango, orange, pineapple 3.00
lurisia still and sparkling water (800ml) 6.00
coke, diet coke, sprite, ginger ale, tonic, club soda 2.50
Espresso 1.49
Double espresso 1.99
Macchiato 1.99
Americano 1.99
Cappuccino 1.99
Café latte 1.99
french press coffee for two 5.00
Juice blends
Apple, mint & green tea 2.79

Apple juice infused with mint tea & blended with iced green tea

Cranberry, anise & goji berries 2.69

Tangy cranberry juice, blended with anise & goji berries

  • Rare & gourmet teas
  • Flowering teas
  • Herbal infusions
  • White Wines
  • Red Wines
  • Sparkling Wine and Champagne
  • sake & plum wine
  • Iced teas
  • Soft drinks
  • Coffee
  • Juice blends